Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rev3 Poconos Weekend

Not your traditional race report as I didn't do the full tri.  I did the relay with my brother (i did Oly swim) and also did the half marathon (ended up being 15 miles) with the last runner in the 70.3 distance along with volunteering race morning.  So while, i didn't complete the full tri, i was just as tired!

Rev3 always picks the best venues.  They are family friendly and conducive to accommodating racers and their families (i.e. plenty of hotels/restaurants nearby). Here is my weekend in pics!
Practice Swim Friday with some team members.  Thank you SBR Sports for providing TriSlide to lube up athletes

Rev3 Volunteers are the best!  These kids holding down transition!

Race Morning.  Life guards getting ready to get out on the course.  The fog lifted nicely for the race to start on time-ish

Two of final runners on the course that I had the privilege to run with.  They were both awesome and had great spirits.  No question they wouldn't finish, they were both on a mission even with the highs on the run course.  Wishing them the best of luck in their 140.6's they have coming up.   Also, Shout OUT to Quarq  and their race intelligence.  Wore a Qollector during my run with the final finisher and it was awesome for my husband and Rev3 to track the racers progress.  Definitely check them out at your next event!

Nothing quite ends a day like an ice cream cone with sprinkles, an ice bath while eating a PowerBar, high fives from Eric and Mexican with the family.  Such a fun weekend.  Rev3, you never disappoint.  Honored to represent you as an AG athlete and grateful to see an organization show they care so much about each athlete!

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