Monday, September 12, 2016

Chicago SuperSprint Race Review.

Always a fun one to participate in.  This year, there was late bike check in and same day pick up which made for a super smooth morning and thankfully enough time for the rain to pass.  Overall, I liked the changes they made to the race schedule.  The late check in with kids races first worked nicely and was nice to see a positive change. I was disappointed that for the second year in a row, they didn't have the correct shirt sizes.. do i need to remind them of the Seinfeld.. "why did you take a reservation if you can't keep it"

I came to the race already a little tired as Scott and I ran 7 miles that morning.  Not quite the perfect race day prep but as marathon crammers we had to get some mileage in.   We ended up doing 7 on the dreadmill which was not my favorite.  Long runs are best outside for me.

By the time I got to the race, I had a little rejuvenation in me.  I got set up and met up with some friends from Crush and Karis (who I know from work connections).  Great to connect with friends and kill time before the start of the race.

Start was into waves but a rolling start which decreased congestion and i believe made the process go quicker.  Swim was kindof rough as the water was choppy and cold.  Happy i went with my wetsuit and got out of the water slow but ready to hit the bike.

Three loops around the bike course and ended up with a decent pace for me (16.79 MPH) except for the time a DIVVY passed me.... a dude with an aero helmet at DIVVY!  i remembered his number and looked him up.  He ended up winning that division and averaged 19.77 MPH so I couldn't completely complain about that but I did lament as he passed me... "NOOO, not a Divvy".

Transitioned to the run and felt good.  Had a 10:55 pace which was a little disappointing when i looked it up but realizing I ran 7 that morning, i couldn't be too upset.  Crossed the finish feeling good and happy to have another short race under my belt. It has been fun to just enjoy triathlons this year and not worry about distance.  Next year, I will get back into it but for now, i am enjoying the change of pace, doing some more cross training and attempting to train my body it is time to say goodbye to some of the fat it has been holding onto.. "put down the donut nicole".  Thanks for the free downloads ChiTri... enjoyed having them!
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  1. I love the first bike picture :)

  2. That sounds like a fun race. You are a little crazy for doing that 7 mile run in addition. But I say that as a compliment.