Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cedar Point Rev3 - Reasons to race!

Been to this race since 2011 and it is a favorite of mine. 3 years now as a team member and this race really is the best! Registration opens soon for this event and here are my top 10 reasons why Cedar Point should be on your schedule:

1.  Multiple distances to please all level of athletes and families.  Rev3 CP has Kids sprint, Family 5K, Sprint for Adult, Half&Full for Adult and Half&Full Aquabike.  These options really can be made into a ton of combinations. Volunteering is also an option for those who just want to support! 
2.  The race has a perfect host hotel- HOTEL BREAKERS (get reservations early when the block is announced) with other options very close by. 

3.  This past year, park tickets were included along with early entry perks for athletes and families! 

4.  With the full and half going at the same time, back of the pack half distance people will have company out on the course (as long as you make cut offs)

5.  Families can enjoy the park while racers are on the course and run out and catch them in transition.  This past year, Quarq had Qollectors that allowed families to track their racers in real time with updates every minute!  I used one myself at Poconos and it was awesome!
6.  There is a backup swim to ensure no cancelled swim!

7.  Aquabike options provide perfect supported long training efforts for someone that might have already committed to another race.

8.  While there are a handful of options for food on Cedar Point pennisula, the options are endless on the Milan main street.  Hotel Breakers also have fridges for those wanted to stock up on their must-have items and store them in their hotel.

9.  Price point is amazing esp for those able to commit early with flexible deferral options if something comes up. Rev3 also has same day pickup (for a small charge) to make it easier for locals who want to drive in that morning. 

10.  You really wont find another series that makes you feel like YOU, as an individual athlete, are appreciated and valued as a consumer.  I race other big players and in no way am knocking them BUT you can't beat the small touches Rev3 puts into every event!


This year, it was more of a family vacation that focusing on racing.  With my manta or shorter distance tris this year, i opted for the sprint, volunteering and family time.  We brought a friend for josh and had a blast.  We stayed at Breakers and lucked out with one of the cheaper rooms with all we needed.  Race morning, felt good, was ready to PR.  Helped get racers into corrals with my volunteering family and then got into the water with my wave.  There were a handful of people in the back of the pack freaking out in the water.  One of them called me by name (still haven't figured out how they new me or recognized me with swim cap) but i ended up staying with the back of the swimmers.  Handful of them didn't make the cut off which was a bit heart breaking to see but I was happy to be with them while they were panicked in the water. 

I ended up waiting for the last place finisher and ran with her on the run.  We ran through the park and had great conversation and pushed through to her finish.  She smashed her goal time and it was awesome to be a part of her day.   Rest of the weekend, i helped with practice swim handing out SBR products, rode some big rides and then helped with swim out on the way out of town.  Fun to ride the newest coaster Valravyn!  Josh also won me a Pikachu so i call the weekend a win!

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