Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chicago Run MFG 13.1

Here is my write up for Chicago Athlete

While the race seemed like it was going to draw a big crowd, as Dave Kappas said, it was an "intimate group" for the half and "even more intimate group" for the 5K.  Benefits of a small group include:  easy parking, no bathroom lines and no major congestion on the path (that is shared with the general public).   Only real downfall is it feels like a training run and not a race.. but it is supported and we needed a long run, so it worked for us. Bizarre thing is for a big event group, their social media was totally dead and very limited emails leading up to race.  Don't get me wrong, i hate a ton of emails but there were so few, i almost wasn't sure if it was happening.  They have since removed the link for the Chicago Mini 13.1 on their webpage. 
Scott needed to log some miles and we chugged along and got them done in this race.  The weather was nice at the start but warmed up towards the end which made for some slower miles.  Our goal was to: get a run/walk pattern down and not completely fall off pace at the end. It was a slower half but we got the job done.  Scott might have said "how am i going to run twice as far?"  over and over after we finished :)

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