Saturday, October 15, 2016

Country Sole 10K

Had the fever for another run and signed up for Country Sole on a complete whim. The race was at Montrose and b/c of only 1,500 people ran, there was plenty of parking near the start.  Got there with 30 minute before go time.  Plenty of time and for me (who loves cutting it close) too much time before the start.

The weather was chilly and the sun just rose before the gun went off.  As i was standing there waiting to start, I kindof ran through the idea that what if I just did the 5K... i was cold and was my mind was wandering. With the half, 10K and 5K all starting at the same time, they managed traffic well.  The lakepath was pretty empty with the colder temps coming in.

For me, I stuck to the plan, stay in a mild uncomfortable pace.  Not so uncomfortable that I wanted to walk to not like running, but in a pace where I was able to keep going. I definitely thank Orange Theory and their "push pace" methods help me keep going. 

Crossed the finish line feeling good but also could tell i pushed myself at the end.  Official time was 1:02:01 with a 10:00 min (exactly) mile average.  A 3 minute PR which I know I could improve on.  Afterwards, they served Eggs and Biscuits.  (Didn't touch the gravy but used them to ensure my salt packets didn't fly awaybut the eggs were yummy.)  Walked back to my car, changed shirts and got back before my family was even awake.  Not bad for a quick jaunt along the lake. 


  1. I almost ran this one! This ended up not being my Fall for a 1/2, too many interruptions going to the hospital with various family members, but I really wanted the medal from this one. Lol!