Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Arctic Frog 25K Race Report

First off... i dare say this is on the best race photos i have gotten during a race.  Thank you Guy on Fat Tire Bike for snapping it... thinking this was around mile 8ish. 

Also, my write up for Chicago Athlete!

Second year doing this year and happy to report lots of changes for the better this year.  It is a 2 loop course for the 50K'ers and 1 loop for the 25K.  Race takes place in the Libertyville forest preserve with easy parking, actual toilets at the start and a casual laid back vibe.
For me, i ended up beating my time last year by 30 seconds including a mile while i walked and talked to my boss about work and a hop on a horse for a picture.  I didn't have any expectations for this race other than to log the miles so beating last years time by a bit was icing on the cake.

It is always a crapshoot with weather in December but thankfully it wasn't freezing which i was thankful for.  I still bundled up and wore my trusty Asics lined jacket and warm wear but felt good the entire time. Right before the gun went off, i realized that i forgot my phone.. i really wanted to have it and sprinted back to the car and ended up being the last person to cross the start!
Beginning of the race
Found a good rhythm within a mile and chugged along at a decent pace for me for the first five miles.  The air wasn't too crisp so it didn't hurt to breath.. thankfully!   The course was similar to the year before with slight modifications.  3 fingers with a victory lap around the preserve at the end.  The first two "fingers" were longer (and were a mix of limestone gravel and road) while the last one was only a mile and fully trail.
Part of the course, nice and wooded.

I felt good in the beginning, was enjoying myself, chatting with others until  i started getting a blister around mile 7... ugh.. It doesn't happen often for me but man, i hated that small 2 cm part of my foot over and over for like 8 miles.  Funny thing was, i expected it to be fully bleeding post race and it was just weird skin rubbage/water blister.  I think i have decided for me, when i get those feelings, i need to pop the water blister and cover it with a bandaid as that seems to bother me less. 

Anyways, i digress.  I plugged along for the rest of the race, slowing down considerably.  My boss called and actually ended up chatting with him for an entire mile.  I needed the excuse and walked a glorious 20 min mile with grace! haha.   Then after i started picking up the pace, i saw some guys riding horses and asked if i could get a selfie.  Within seconds, he was off his horse and wanted me to jump up... Aside from the fact i am allergic, that horse was TALL and I had been running for 13 miles in the cold at this point.  After some effort, a leg cramp and the guy basically pushing my butt up to the top, i not have a horse mid race pic.  There was no forward progress since you know I am always battling the "bottom 10" spots :)

Hoped off to then complete the final loop around the reservoir and finished 30 seconds faster than last year.  After the mile walking and horse pic, one has to question what i was doing last year???

Finished only to turn around and see the winner of the 50K cross.   He was from out of town and catching a flight to Alabama so Mr. Uberlube ending up giving me all of his winnings which included a bunch of local gift certificates.  As a friend to the RD, I gave them back to him to raffle off but had to laugh as my prize for not getting lapped by the winner was getting the winner's winnings! (say that 10 times)

Special thanks to Powerbar for sponsoring the event and pulling through with a last minute request! 

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  1. The horse picture is definitely the best mid-race picture I've ever seen. Way to go!