Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rev3 Summit 2017

The Rev3 Team has become my family.  People come and go on the active AG team but once you are on, you are part of the family regardless.  This is my 4th year on the team and was excited to be part of the kick off Summit in Manassas, VA (their headquarters).   The summit is an awesome time to review last years accomplishments, ways the company can improve, goals for the upcoming season and to bond with the team/staff.   3 days of fun filled times with the team!  Can't beat it. Love to see a small company work hard, be fully invested in the athlete's experience and truly want to make each race count!
Ck out their schedule and sign up!
p.s. reach out to me should you have any questions.. if i don't know the answer, i will get it for you!

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