Thursday, May 4, 2017

LakeFront 10Miler & 5K Race Report

I pride myself of rolling into races minutes before the start.  I don't like standing around waiting and try to channel my husband's parking skills by finding spots others wouldn't take and/or making my own spots.

That wasn't the case this time. Somehow I put the race time in my head as an hour earlier than it actually was.   I rolled into the race and was pumped when i found awesome parking and hardly anyone there.  I knew they moved the start to the track and for a second i thought "did no one sign up?!"  It wasn't until i got to packet pickup that I realized i was an hour early... OOOPS! 

Due to time commitments with Josh afterwards, i quickly realized that I couldn't do the 10Miler I signed up for but had to downgrade to 5K.  Thanks to getting there super early, i had plenty of time to downgrade at the registration tent. Went back to the car and hung out and people slowly started to roll in and it was a busy start area right before the gun. 

Tia was running as well and we met up before the race.  Got our usual fun race day photos and then took off together.  The race started right near Montrose path on the crushed gravel path. Tia was doing the 10Miler and with me downgraded to the 5K, we stayed together.  The race follows the lakefront path (no-brainer) with the 5K and 10 Miler staying together for about 2.75 miles.  The 10 Miler goes up Cricket Hill twice and the 5K hits it up once.  Due to the weather, there were some puddles and mud but nothing that was horrible or "ruin your shoes level."

Since i only did the 5K, i dont have much to report other than i got to catch up with Tia on her run.  There were some cute cheer groups and liked the change of finishing on the track.  While i am not super competitive when it run, i would have loved to see the fast ones chase each other down on the track.  I always love when races come down to the final steps especially after having covered 10 miles!

Was medaled, had some refreshments and walked back to my awesome spot.  For those that do come late to this race, there is ample free parking along the lakefront and two lots.  Just be prepared to walk a bit if you arrive at my "usual-late" pre race time. 

My write up for Chicago Athlete!

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