Thursday, May 4, 2017

Solo running in Venice

Packing for an international trip is always tricky..

Am I going to pack 10 shirts and only wear 2...
Am I going to pack cute pants and only end up wearing the same pair of workout leggings?!
... I really want to run so I must pack run shoes (as I have been trying not to wear them otherwise).. but then i need run clothes and now my suitcase is busting!


But I had them and committed to be active on this trip.  We rowed through the Grand Canal and biked from Florence to Fiesole but I also wanted to run when I could.

Had a chance to run in Venice and Rome and it did not disappoint. For anyone contemplating running on vacation... Do it!  You won't be disappointed.  It is one of the best ways to see the city!

First, lets talk about safety.  I feel like anytime we told anyone we were going to Italy.. you are bombarded with "be safe"  "so many pick pocketers"  "don't be alone."  And while I completely appreciate people being concerned, I also believe I can take precautionary steps to be safe.

Things I recommend (and let's remember I am no expert so these are not canonized in the Running Bible or anything)
  • Running in the daylight is definitely preferred
  • Keep your phone with you.  Even if you don't get cell, the GPS should work when in Maps. 
  • If you must run with headphones, run with one and keep them low.. or better yet,  soak up your new surroundings
  • While the streets were pretty empty where I ran, running amongst people definitely decreases your chances of being abducted.  Depending on where you are, definitely keep that in mind. 
  • Check what the local customs are and what is appropriate to run in.  I know some Middle Eastern countries have traditional standards that might not be met in the "normal American running outfit."
  • Running with a buddy always increases your safety but when you can't... keep high alert of surroundings!