Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bunny Wabbit 15K

Remind me to not signup for 2 back to back longer races right after a long vacation!   As I finally got over the jet lag, I had Bunny Wabbit 15K up in Libertyville.  Rey (the RD) does a great job at making this local event a well executed one.  The race was a 1-3 loop race which each loop being 5K.  The weather was a warmer than the weekend before and most of us shed the jackets and enjoyed our stroll through the forest preserve.  Due to it being early in the season, there were very limited amount of people on the trail other than the runners.  I was in the back of the pack for the 15K and was fine going at a slower pace ticking the miles away.  A fun race, got in my steps and my long run for the week!

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