Sunday, July 16, 2017

ChiTown Half Marathon

Came back from our Italy/Masters trip and got a cold that manifested about a week after I got home.  It wasn't horrible but between the jet lag and cold, i was feeling pretty pooped.  I had signed up for the ChiTown Half and drove down race morning pretty convinced I was going to downgrade to the 10K.  Since they run both races simultaneously, had no issues downgrading.

Got down to the race with no incident and met up with some friends prior to the race.  Love seeing all my racing buddies!  The race had three corrals but still had a fair amount of congestion on the course.  Nothing super crazy but it took a while to get into the groove and of course.  For an early April race the weather was really perfect.  By mile 3, I was still convinced I would just do the 10K. It was a long few weeks of travel but when I hit the point to turn off, I decided to keep going.

Random stranger cheering ME on !
Nice conditions!
Didn't regret my decision and was happy with it.  I plugged along and felt good for an early season half.  Saw some more friends along the path and on the course which always helps the miles tick by. Made the turn for the finish only to have like 200 meters of running along the portos.. This is the second time All Community Events has made the finishing stretch a stinky one.  Not sure if that is just the only way that logistically works but not my fav.  However, they made it up to me as I was handed a hotdog at the finish with extra pickles!  I am easily bought off.

Fun morning! Good/economical race!  Will probably be back

final time right within my happy time (+/- 5 minutes of 2:30)  : 2:33:53

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