Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Donut 5K... yes please!

If there was a race that was invented for me and a few thousand of my closest friends, it was a Donut 5K sponsored by Stans.  Sadly my running bestie couldn't attend as she was too busy inspiring others by coaching but I joined others in the inaugural event.  Looking back at these pictures, it appears it was kindof muggy as I look sweaty in all of them but I don't remember it that way.  I just remember the excitement of the Stans old fashion donut holes twice on the course.  

The race started and finished at Montrose and found/made a good parking spot right at the start.  Met up with Claire right before the gun and stayed with her most of the way.  I just downloaded the Dear Evan Hanson soundtrack onto my shuffle so I was in the full Waving through a Window groove during this run.  

Took lots of pics, ate four donut holes and felt good crossing the finish line.  Final time: 30:33  (9:50 mile/pace).  Considering all the other shenanigans while I was running, happy with that time!  Met with the crew afterwards to eat the full sized glazed donuts and sample all the full size post race drinks.  Great race, hope they keep the swag and post race food the same as it grows next year.  

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