Friday, September 1, 2017

Rock N Roll 10K Chicago

First time running the 10K for the Rock n Roll Chicago event.  Have done the half many times but decided to give the 10K a go this year.  I had been dealing with some IT band issues on/off leading up to the race so didn't want to push it and a 10K was plenty. 

Packet pickup:  For the big races, it is always an ordeal.  At McCormick Place. For those that want to get in and out: try to get someone to drive you to save on parking and have them drive around while you grab packet.  For those that want to shop and take in the expo: park, bike, uber, train it depending on your situation and money options.

Race day had nice conditions and sun was shining.  SpotHeroed a spot the night before got to the start

The 10K is modified version of the 13.1.  As you would expect, you don't see as many bands and to get you back to the finish, there is a lakefront path stretch which is kindof the same ol for those familiar with Chicago races.  Something I love about the bigger races is running on the city streets so if you want that experience, do the half.  For those that aren't from the area, the 10K will fill both buckets:  Short portion of closed city streets and lakefront path.. both are awesome for different reasons!

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